Home Remodeling with Contractors

When do you think you own your house?

When you  sign the contract? Not really.

You only feel like home when you make it look like it is yours. Decoration, wallpapers, bookshelves, plants and other items are necessary to have at home. No need to mention that home improvement is not only about design and cosmetic.

It also means fixing some deteriorating walls or roofs or some outdated electrical systems. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks about how to make your home a better place.

Now, let us see how you can improve your house. Before decorating and letting your imagination get wild, you have to fix any problems that you may have in your house. Take a weekend or a few days to repair everything. You may have to bring an electrician or a plumber to help you.

When hiring a contractor be certain to verify if they have proper contractor bonding in place. The California CSLB for example, requires all licensed contractors to hold a $15,000 license bond.

We recommend the following bond websites if you are interested in doing some additional research on bonds.

If you have a designer in your family or friends, that is good news! Maybe they can come, check your home, and give you some tips on how to make it look better.If not, a designer in the USA normally gets 100 dollars maximum for an hour of work.


You can let an imagination of yours go wild and do your designing. Choose the colors you like to paint the walls, choose the fabric you prefer to use for the curtains or the living room. You can also check some home decoration website to get inspiration.

Do you have an old wooden table that sits in the garage waiting for her hour? It is time to paint it aquamarine and put it in your garden!

It is very fun to do, and you can let the artist in you shine.

Do not let an space you have in your living room like that. Instead, make it lively and welcoming by putting plants of different sizes and colors. If you do not like them or if you are afraid, you will not be around enough to water them, ask either a friend or your roommate to do so. Another alternative is to buy plastic plants.

Use lights to make your house more welcoming. Buy lamps for your living rooms and put them in the corners or on the tables. For your bedroom, you can be more original and use twinkle lights around your window or mirror. Do not be afraid to use colorful lights.

If you do not have the right furniture, you can simply modify it. Use the shelves of an old bookshelf and hung them on your balcony. Put some flowerpots on them, and you have a small jar din. Add an old chair, and a table and you have a nice space to take your breakfast in the mornings.

Add your personal touch by making some items or decorations yourself. You can just go on YouTube and watch some DIY videos. Follow the steps, and I guarantee you will do wonders. Some of them are so easy yet give wonderful results.

In conclusion, improving your house is not an easy thing to do. It is always going to be fun, and you will be proud of the results.